Acep Hale


Time to work

So what do you do to get ready for a new lecture? In truth I had it all written a few months ago. And then....
I had a really good conversation with Cathleen, I was telling her about modern myths that no one realizes is a myth. She fired back with one of her own, and voila. I found a whole new way into the topic. I am a bear of limited intelligence, I do that frequently. So with just over three weeks to go, I'm locking myself in a hotel room in Reno and starting all over from scratch.

The workspace, all set to go. There's a gym, steam room, and an iPod loaded with old soul classics. Which is good because does anyone ever watch re-runs of Charmed anywhere else than in hotel rooms?

And on the right, the three books I brought with me. In truth, if I could have gotten them as ebooks I would have grabbed them in a heart beat. I know a lot of people do the whole brow beating over 'you can never recreate the feel of a physical book', and they're right. I can't take my tablet in the bath. But you know what? I travel, a lot. And being able to take a lot of books with you on one device? Its so nice I can't even begin to describe.

That said, right on top we have Conjuring Arts Research Society's 'The Expert at the Card Table' aka The Bible of Card Cheating. And Conjuring Arts did it up right, with gilt edges, faux leather cover, and embedded ribbon bookmark. It looks so much like a back pocket bible I use it on airplane flights, if you have an overly friendly flying companion, just whip that bad boy out and watch them quickly search elsewhere for a conversational victim. Unless you really want to hear how a hard bargaining financial wizard that just closed a multi-million dollar deal just happens to be flying coach on a red eye. Everyone in an airport is a baller, ever notice that?

(Going to get breakfast, will continue afterwards)