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Time to work (cont)

Breakfast done. Since I've started training and eating clean I've become very aware of what's available when you're travelling. Which normally means yogurt/granola parfait for breakfast. Unless hashbrowns count as a vegetable. Which I guess they do, but let's not bullshit ourselves.

Next book in that stack is Corrinda's '13 Steps to Mentalism'. If 'Expert at the Card Table' is the bible of card cheating, then 13 Steps is the bible of mind reading. It has everything you could ever want in one book. There's been books on mentalism since then, but it is rare they're going to cover anything that Corrinda didn't include first, usually it's just a refinement or altered handling of an effect he's already covered beautifully.

Third we have Darwin Ortiz's 'Strong Magic'. Truth be told, Ortiz as a performer leaves me cold, but in theory the man is on point, even if the difference in watching him work versus what he writes is a definite case of, "Do as I say, not as I do." There's a handful of books that are worth reading on theory, but the funny thing about all of them is they have the 'there is only one way to do things, and it is my way' vibe to them that's puzzling. If magic is an art (indeed, it is THE ART from which all others descend but that's a post for another day) then what we're missing is the truth that all art is intensely personal which in turn means everyone will have their own approach. Magicians don't acknowledge this, the ego that allows one to stand in front of other people and perform tricks where one simple mistake means utter failure and humiliation does not allow room for thinking of others.

Last but not least on that pile, Lush's 'Vanilla Dee-Lite Hand Lotion'. I get asked all the time, "What happens when you get old and have arthritis?' There's no sign of that happening yet, but I will tell you what sucks about getting old and performing sleight of hand, and that's dry hands. Huge pain in the ass. I've tried a shit ton of hand lotions either they're too greasy or too perfumed or just don't leave any feeling of slight tack behind. Lush to the rescue. The one thing that works for me, totally worth the money and it smells great to boot. And it's vegan if that lifts your skirt.

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I will be performing this new show, "Chicanery, Counting, and Cee-lo: Memory and Simulation in Service to Skullduggery" on April 2th and 7:30 pm at Coney Island as part of the week long festivities for the Congress of Curious Peoples. More info here.