Acep Hale


Holy shit!

Look at that, it's been over a year since I last posted anything. Even I can't believe that. Been slacking son.

In that year I got married, traveled to Machu Pichu, and performed at The Occult Humanities Conference. Busy times all full of absolutely great people.

Now let's kick off something entirely different.

On Tuesday, April 29th I'll be returning to the Congress of Curious Peoples at Coney Island. I love returning to NYC any chance that I get. Miss the food, miss the people, miss everything about it. I'll be doing another lecture/performance, this one entitled, "Chicanery, Counting, and Cee-Lo: Memory and Simulation in Service to Skulduggery."

Looking forward to it, and more importantly to the entire week. If you're not familiar with the Congress, make sure to look here. It's well worth your time.

Which brings us to today. When I first found out about this I approached Joanna Ebenstein and Aaron Beebe, the main organizers of the event, about doing a series of blog posts about my lecture/performance. I've got this strange idea that somehow looking behind the curtain could be every bit as entertaining as the act itself. In short, I want to open-source magic. Not in the sense of exposure, we have youtube for that today and that's a whole other entry all by itself, but the process of getting ready to stand in front of other people and go, "Ummmm...ta da?". Because let's face it, that's a terrifying prospect fit only for complete idiots  and raving egomaniacs. Luckily for me, I excel in both areas.

When I say that I approached Joanna and Aaron about this, it makes it seem as if there was ever any question. Those two are some of the most encouraging and positive people in the world today. It was like asking your parents if you could please clean up your room. You already know the answer to it before you open your mouth. So if you have the time, give them a look and definitely check out their new adventure: The Morbid Anatomy Museum.

So this is the start. I think the next should be, Why Magic?

Love you all.

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